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Non-woven protection apparel catalogue


Three layer surgical face mask,
equipped with a plastic wire brace,
enabling easy shaping on face.

Visitor‘s Gown STANDART

Fastened at visitor’s back by
two ties at neck and waist
position,sleeves with rubber
endings. Made of no linting
non woven textile, comfortable
to wear. Colour White and Green.
30441 White Size: XL
30442 Green Size: XL
30451 White Size: XXL
30452 Green Size: XXL

Cosmetic Head Band

Made of Non-woven textile
with elastics to x long hair.
19101 White Width: 8 cm

Triangular Cosmetic Kerchief

Made of Non-woven textile to
protect hair.
19201 White Size: 70 x 70 x 99 cm.

Vinyl Gloves

With powder      No powder
93401 Size: S      93501 Size: S
93402 Size: M      93502 Size: M
93403 Size: L      93503 Size: L

Protective Apron

Made of the liquid proof PE foil.
Fastened at the back with ties.
47501 Colour: White Length: 125 cm

Protective Bib

Made of White non woven
textile, protects customer's
clothesFastened at the back
with ties.
40955 Colour: White Size: 50 x 70 cm

Lab Gowns

Protective Gown, made of
non woven textile, colour White.

Boxer Shorts

Rubber waist shorts are
made of white non woven textile.
90541 Size: uni

Shoe Covers

Shoe covers Special with
elastic are made of the
liquid proof PE foil, fitted
with anti-slip surface.
31501 Special Size: 36
Colour: Blue


Made of White non woven textile.
80140 Colour: White For Men
80120 Colour: White For Women

Latex Gloves

Latex, slightly powdered, right-left glowes.
93101 Size: S
93102 Size: M
93103 Size: L

PE Gloves

93201 Size: S
93202 Size: M
93203 Size: L

Waxing Depilatory Stripes

Made of White non woven
textile with high tensile
strenght and thermic endurace.
75102 Colour: White


Made of White non woven textile.
94102 Size: S Colour: Blue Type: Waterproof
94200 Size: M Colour: White Type: Absorbent Washcloth

Hygienic Sheets Hitex

Are made of non-woven textile.
Used as a protection of chairs
and beds during treatment.
Available in rolls from 45 up to
100cm wide and either 100m or
300m long. Colour white and green.

Hygienic Sheets Hitex Pro

Are made of highly absorbent
2ply laminated material, provides
maximum protection and comfort.

Bed Sheets Hitex Waterproof

Made of no skin irritation laminated non woven textile.
Colour     Sheet-size
Blue   50 x 50 cm
Blue   50 x 70 cm

Bad Sheets Economic

Made of no skin irritation
non woven textile.
Colour     Sheet-size
White     80 x 220 cm

Roll Towel

Made of highly absorbent
material. Available in rolls
108m long, cross perforations
ensure an easy tearing of the
Sheet-size    Sheets per roll
32 x 32 cm   338

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